Compliant Fire Resistant Gutter System

Compliant Fire Resistant Gutter System

Energy Efficient Design

Bushfire Building & Maintenance works with clients to create energy efficient homes while maximising bushfire protection.


Buildings and retrofitting in bushfire prone areas can be designed to be energy efficient without compromising Australian Standard 3959-2009. Building design, orientation and materials to be used should be considered early in the planning stages.


Compliant Fire Resistant Gutter Systems

Bushfire Building & Maintenance has developed a compliant leafless ember guard system for bushfire prone areas.


Bushfire sprinkler systems

In conjunction with a recommended consulting Fire Engineer, a sprinkler system can be designed and built to reduce the impact of a bushfire. Bushfire Building & Maintenance’s expert team can testify that if designed properly, a fire sprinkler system does help to reduce the impact of embers and spot fires. The personal experience of Bob Hern confirms the effectiveness of a fire sprinkler system, based on his experience with his own home at Kinglake West. The system saved the house and workshop and reduced the amount
of damage sustained in the Black Saturday bushfire.


Bushfire Shelters

In conjunction with Innovative Building Systems (IBS Systems) a bushfire shelter has been developed using full Hebel bricks.  The shelter is currently undergoing the final stages of certification. This building can also double
to store valuables.


Condensation Issues Emerging with New Ratings

With the new bushfire regulations and higher star energy rating systems it is now a recognised fact amongst builders and designers that condensation in buildings is becoming a complex issue.  All of Bushfire Building & Maintenance’s houses have been designed to breathe.  Existing homes
can also be retrofitted to avoid condensation issues.


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Installing Drenching System
Hebel Bushfire Shelter

Installing Drenching System

Hebel Bushfire Shelter