Reduce fuel around your property

Reduce fuel around your property

Cutting Grass

Entitlements to Manage Property without a Planning Permit

Bushfire Building & Maintenance offers a complete maintenance program in accordance with government regulations and recommendations. 
This includes hazard and fuel reduction.

New entitlements have been introduced to enable residents to manage vegetation around their existing dwellings and along fence lines for bushfire protection, without the need for a planning permit. These are known as the 10/30 Rule and the 10/50 Rule.  See the Victorian Government Exemptions Facts Sheet.  The exemptions do not apply to all areas.


Building Permits in Bushfire Areas

Any permit issued for buildings or works under a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) rating or Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) must comply with the required conditions in perpetuity.  See BAL and BMO Management Statements


If you do not have a BAL rating, Bushfire Building and Maintenance offer a complete site assessment including a BAL report to enable a management programme to be implemented.  Proper maintenance and combustible element reduction will help reduce fire impact.


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Property Maintenance for Hazard and Fuel Reduction

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