Bob and Peter Hern

Bob and Peter Hern

Key Personnel:  Bob and Peter Hern

The key personnel at Low Energy Homes Pty Ltd, directly responsible for Bushfire Building & Maintenance are Bob and Peter Hern.  Both trained in building at RMIT in Melbourne over thirty years ago.  Peter is a builder, engineer, and an A-grade motor mechanic and Bob is a registered building practitioner.


Bob had a long and successful partnership in his own scenery-building workshop.  It catered for building scenery for all of the major television networks’ film sets (feature films and local productions), display work, corporate launches, nightclubs, tourist centres, shop fitting and general building work on homes and commercial properties.  At the same time
Peter was operating his own engineering company.


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The Journey En Route to Rebuilding Bushfire Affected Homes

Bob has always had a passion for the environment and in the late 1970’s he built a passive mud brick home. Today this same house design remains very modern and works exceptionally well.


After Black Saturday Bob involved himself in a huge amount of research and attended almost every seminar available on bushfire information, be it local Council, Building Commission or Department of Infrastructure and Transport Vic.  He was also invited to inspect the testing of window systems at Warrington Fire Research in Melbourne, a Company that validates products
for compliance to AS3959-2009 for building in bushfire areas.


In 2009 Bob and Peter began in earnest their journey into rebuilding
homes affected by bushfire impact.


Bob Hern – Experience and Knowhow

Bob is a former member of the Kinglake West CFA having lived in the area
for many years.  Bob was impacted by Black Saturday.  Bob and his son James spent the next three weeks fighting the fire and blacking out’ (mopping up, extinguishing and removing burning material to make a fire safe, or to reduce residual smoke) with there own four wheel-drive fitted with a 1000 liter
fire fighting system.


Bob is experienced in BAL assessments and preparing Bushfire Management Statements. He is an experienced on site builder of bushfire resistant homes.


Qualifications and Accreditation

• Registered Building Practitioner

Greensmart Builder

• Accreditation courses and seminars through Building Commission and DPCD

• Development and Building in Bushfire Prone Areas

   University of Technology Sydney

• Various trade qualifications

• O.H.S Certification Australia



• HIA (Housing Industry Association)

• ATA (Alternate Technology Association)

• ACF (Australian Conservation Foundation)

• Climate Council