BAL FZ home exterior

BAL FZ home exterior

BAL and Bushfire Management Assessment Services

BAL and Bushfire Management Statements

A BAL (Bushfire Attack level) assessment is required for all new homes and extensions in a Designated Bushfire Prone Area. The BAL rating determines the correct level of construction standard to be applied in Australian Standard AS 3959-2009.  All properties assessed in bushfire prone areas have a minimum construction standard of BAL 12.5.


For a property in a designated BMO (Bushfire Management Overlay) a Bushfire Management Statement will need to be prepared to comply with the State bushfire planning provisions.  A BMO statement encompasses defendable space, vegetation control, minimum water requirements with CFA fittings, construction compliance, all weather road access, road gradients, signage
for direction to CFA points and more.


Bushfire Planning Provisions

The bushfire planning provisions include:

• The State Planning Policy Framework (SPPF) (clause 13.05 – Bushfire)

• The Local Planning Policy Framework (Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS)
 and local planning policy where relevant)

• The Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) (clause 44.06)

• Bushfire protection: planning requirements (clause 52.47)

• Bushfire protection: exemptions (clause 52.48), native vegetation
(clauses 52.16 and 52.17) and overlays which seek to manage vegetation


Reducing the impact of a Higher BAL

Upon selling a property, the Sale of Land Act 1962 now requires
(from 31 July 2013) that the Vendor Statement (or Section 32) state if a property is in a bushfire prone area.  Bushfire Building & Maintenance offers
a program that will help in reducing the impact of an otherwise higher
BAL rating, for owners wishing to sell.


Site and Pre-purchase Assessments

In line with the above requirement for vendors to state if a property is in a bushfire prone area, a pre-purchase ‘site and building assessment’ including BAL rating level can be undertaken for potential buyers. 
Note however, that a BAL rating of the proposed property is not a
mandatory requirement of the vendor.


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