Bushfire Building & Maintenance

Bushfire Management Overlays

Bushfire Building and Maintenance, is a subsidiary of
Low Energy Homes Pty Ltd, providing the following key services

• Assessments and Statements for Bushfire Attack Level (BAL), Bushfire Management Overlays (BMO) and Wildfire Management Overlays (WMO),

• Building new bushfire resistant homes, extensions, retrofitting and

• Preparing and protecting properties from bushfire attack.

Visit for further detail on these and other support services
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Building in Bushfire Area Guidelines

The Guidelines underpinning our services are:

Australian Standard 3959-2009  - Construction of
buildings in bushfire prone areas

• The current Victorian planning provisions and
overlays including BMO and WMO, and

• Guides to retrofitting your home for better protection
from a bushfire (Building Commission and CFA).